Photography Tip of the Day 8-24

So you want to be a better photographer?  Or you at least want other people to think you are a better photographer.  Here's the easiest thing you can do... It's so simple you might wonder why you haven't thought about it. 

TIP:  Don't post and show off every picture you take! 

Basically, here's the deal, let's try a little experiment, go onto one of your online Photo Galleries (Facebook, Flickr, Picasa) what ever it doesn't matter.  Look through your last album and count how many photos are out of focus, over or under exposed, or just don't have a good subject... If you counted any thing higher then 1, go back in the album and delete the ones you just counted as not good. 

One of the reasons professional and even advanced amateur photogs look so good is because they edit and cut out their mistakes.  You may only see up to 10% of the photos they actually shoot, maybe even less.

(Bonus Tip:  While you are going through counting your images, use your gallery's rotate commands to make sure your photos are right side up)

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