3 Brothers before and After

3 Brothers before and After

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So I had a family portrait shoot Wednesday actually had 2 family shoots, which is great, except that one was my family and I had to be in the photos (Ok, the other one was also my family, well, my little brother and his girlfriend and her son).  Out comes the Canon RC-1 remote and my RebelXT.  You can see the remote in my hand if you look real close.  I ran into a couple problems though.  The main problem was that I couldn't see the lens flare which the sensor did see.  I played around in photoshop for a while to clean up the image, which is a nice image, and one of the few pics out there of me and both my brothers together.  I still have a little bit of cleanup work before the final image is ready.  I was wondering if anyone had any tricks out there to clean up lens flare? (other then to watch where you aim the camera in the first place). I'll post a couple pics from the other shoot later this week once I think of something to write about them and once I have them edited.


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