No Launch

No Launch

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For anyone who read my blog post and went out to see the launch tonight, I hope you figured out it was scrubbed.  Don't feel so bad, I went out and was all set up too, but I still got a cool shot.  Did you think about shooting even without a launch?  Maybe you will next time. 

From Flickr: So, if you have looked at my photostream, you might have figured out I like to take photos of night time launches of Rockets and Space shuttles from the Kennedy Space Center, and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Tonight an Atlas 5 rocket carrying the Intelsat 14 communications satellite was supposed to launch, I was all set up, ready to go, and there was a technical problem with the rocket, the launch was scrubbed, but I still made the best of it and got this cool photo of me.

Camera was my Canon Rebel XT(350D), tripod mounted, and triggered remotely with my RC-1 IR Trigger. Exposure details are in the exif data.


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