My 365Project: One Week In (what i'm shooting and why?)

Ok, so for those who don't know, I am working on a Photography 365Project.  There are several different ways that people do 365Projects.  Some people take self portraits, some choose a specific subject or genre of photography.  The key is that the photographer takes 1 photograph each day for a year.  I'm one week in and thought I would share how I'm planning to make it to Dec. 31st (I started with the new year Jan. 1).  From the start, when I first thought about doing a 365Project, I knew I did not want to limit my project to a single subject or genre.  What I want to accomplish out of this project is to challenge myself to actively seek out and shoot an image for each day.  I want to challenge myself to try some new techniques, and push myself to shoot some subjects that I might not otherwise shoot.  Professionally as a photographer, most of my business derives from on-Location family portraits, and I also shoot graduations for Event Photography Group/Gradtrak Grad Images.  So, I want to get out there and shoot some new stuff, and some stuff I have not shot in a little while.
I also want to come away from this project with something substantial I'm still thinking about weather or not I want to put together a Book, E-Book, or something else.  If I make it all the way through, maybe a book with tips for other photographers on how to make it through a 365Project.

So, here's how I'm running my 365Project.  I know myself well enough to know that without a plan, I might have made it to Day3 and lost my inspiration, and motivation.  Before I started, I put together a list of subjects and ideas for things that I wanted to shoot or techniques that I have either read about and want to try, or Try some new equipment.  Right now that list is sitting at about 90 ideas, I'll try to get the list posted later on.  From the list I'm picking 7 things at the beginning of each week and assigning each idea to a day. This way, I don't have to think about what i'm going to shoot when the time comes.  I just have to go out to find the picture.

With my ideas covered, I also want to make sure I still challenge myself, I'm really taking this 365Project seriously.  I'm self imposing some rules for my project.
1.  I'm not allowed to shoot anything around my house, with the exception of studio style shots.
2.  I must  shoot and post an image everyday, if technical or other issues arise, I must post images at least once a week.
3.  I can change the days shoot subject if I happen to shoot a great picture that day, but that image must still be one from the week's assignments.  And I must still shoot the original idea that same week.
4.  I can use images from paid assignments as long as they fit the day's subject.
I might think of more rules, but those 4 are the basics.

I'm posting my images to Flickr you can see them here This links directly to the set of just the images from my 365.  Each week I'm going to write a blog post here with the images from the week.  I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else working on a 365Project this year, or from anyone who has finished one.    I'll be posting the first week's images tomorrow after I shoot Day 7:Subject  'Numbers'



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