If you have made it this far... You probably made it farther then most.

OK I'm 10 Days into my first 365Project.  I know a lot of photographers both amateurs and professionals will at some point in their photographic career start a 365Project.  But I always have wondered who finishes.  I wonder who makes it past the first week.  Well I made it, and if you are working on a project of your own, I hope you have made it this far too.  If you have not started your project yet, or you got off track with it already, have no fear, just jump right back on the 365Project train.  Before you jump though make a plan, that's right it may not seem necessary, I mean anyone can take and post a picture a day with the new digital technology and posting sites like flickr, right?

Well I started with a plan.  Mainly because I know that without one I might have made it through the first couple days, then I would kinda feel lost and might give up.  My plan is to pick a theme/subject in advance for each day of the week, then I will think of something of shoot or just go out shooting based on the theme for the day.  I has gotten me to day 10, and I know I'll be shooting 'Reflections' tomorrow and 'doorways' the day after that.

The other main point I can make based on what I have learned so far in my project.  Shoot and post, even if you are not completely happy with the shot.  For my 7th day my subject was 'numbers'  I had been out with my camera all day, but couldn't seem to find anything that really worked for what I had in my head.  After looking at all the images I had shot I picked one that I was going to post.  Because this project is not about any one day, it's about growing as a photographer, building skills and getting more experience behind the viewfinder.

My final tidbit of advice for photographers working on a 365Project is this, don't be affraid to re-shoot something, or reshoot a different idea.  As I said above, for my 'numbers' shot for day7 I really didn't much like what I had shot, I decided that before I posted a photo, I would try shooting one more idea.  I grabbed my tripod, my RebelXT (because I have a remote trigger for it) and a LED flashlight.  I went out into my backyard and started practicing something I have seen before but never tried.  "Writing with light" or 'painting with light'  it took me about 25 tries before I got what I was looking for, but when I was done, I ad the right picture to post for the day, the picture that pushed my creativity.

Keep going, you will end up somewhere,


New Smyrna Beach Photographer

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