Week 3- Shooting in the Dark

I'm a little late posting this.  I've been thinking about it since I finished shooting last weeks assignments for my 365 Project but, I haven't gotten around to it yet.  The main hold up has been that I have been trying to get ready for a job interview that I have on Friday.  I've been trying desperately to find a full-time job since I finished grad school in May 2008, and the economy has not been kind to me at all.  So my interview on Friday is kinda a big deal.

Anyways, for the 3rd week of my 365Project, I made a sub-theme if you will.  In addition to my daily subject themes which I pre-selected the week before, I also added the element of shooting at night for all my shots.  By the end of my week, I had some pretty cool shots.  More information about each shot can be found on my flickr photo stream by clicking here 

FlickR Photostream

.  Feel free to comment on the pictures.  My favorite one is the photo of the gas pump.  There was a light on the building putting out visible white light illuminating the building.  In front of the gas pump there was orange street light.  So when the white balance was set to correct the color on the front of the gas pump the color of the building was pushed to a cool teal blue.

Keep Shooting,


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