Day27- Have a Cold One

Day27- Have a Cold One

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I'm blogging about this photo that I shot today because I think it is really cool, and I like it even more each time I look at it.  This is a cool example of a single off-camera flash photo. 

the set up for this was pretty simple.  I placed the glass on the edge of a counter.  I set my Canon 40D to Manual mode.  My off camera flash for this photo was an old Spiratone Master-Strobe which was connected to my camera with a PC-Sync cord.  This old flash unit has 4 power levels, color coded white, yellow, red, and Green, I think the roughly correlate to 1/4 power increments.  So the exposure control is made by adjusting the aperture.  This flash unit sync with my 40D up to 1/350sec. though this shot was made at 1/250th sec. which is fast enough to pretty much black out the background, which was possible since I cut off all the room lights, so that my flash was the only light source. 

Now, with only one light source, positioning it for this shot was critical.  I wanted it to look like the glass of ice water was glowing.  I experimented with placing the light to both sides, and above, but the shot seemed to be missing the punch.  I then moved the flash off to the camera left side, and slightly behind the glass.  I also pointed the flash up on an angle toward the top area of the glass.  With that change of position, The glass came alive with a cool blue glow.  The glass itself is tinted teal glass, and while I was cleaning the image up in Aperture2 I pushed the White-Balance a little bit more toward the blue side. 

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