A Flock of Photographers (Photography Tip of the day)

A Flock of Photographers Originally uploaded by Emanon Photography

So if you have ever been out shooting at a park or wildlife preserve you quite possibly may have seen something similar to this. A whole bunch of photographers all crowding together to try to all get what is essentially the same photograph. The other thing to think about is how often you can show up at that same location and each and every day and see a similar group of photographers all in the same spot shooting the same thing again and again and again.

Now for my tip I want to first acknowledge that there is usually a reason that photography will group up like this. There is usually something half interesting there to photograph.

A good bit of time though, the location where the photographers group up might have been decided on other factors than the location being the best location to photograph from. Consider some of the following reasons that I have seen photographers group up. -The location is the most convenient, easy to access. -One photographer stopped to take a quick photo and everyone else stopped too. -One photographer stopped to take a photo of an animal or another subject, another photographer saw the first taking the picture, but did not see the subject. When the second photographer gets to the location the subject moved, but the second photographer didn't know that, and set up his camera to photograph, and others photogs followed them. -No photographers have bothered to walk around the next corner to see there is a better shot.

OK so here is the tip: When you see a group of photographers grouping together to try to get a photo of the same thing... Walk another 100ft to either side and make your own shot. Oh and you can also photograph the group of photographers like I did here.

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