New Smyrna Beach Photographer: Just Another Day at the Beach

Family Portrait Shoot on the Beach 1 Originally uploaded by Emanon Photography

It's been awhile since I last had a blog post sometimes things just get a little hectic around here. I had actually started a blog post a couple weeks ago just after my post reviewing the iPad but I could not get the pictures to work as I was trying to write the blog and post the pictures from my iPad. Posting shots to flickr then using the blog it feature there seems to work a bit better for me, then I can type up the blog posts like this one on my iPad while my computer does other things like it is right now (uploading the hi-res retouched version of Mondays shoot to my sales gallery site.).

So on the this picture. Monday's shoot was great the family I was shooting was in town visiting New Smyrna Beach on vacation. I met them at North Beach Community Park which is one of my favorite locations to shoot at the beach because it is pretty centralized in NSB, it's not nearly as crowded as some of the other beach parks and it offers natural sand dunes as a background. I took a lot of shots in several locations as the sun was just starting to drop below some clouds to the west. This is one of my favorite shots from this shoot. I got lucky with the clouds in the fact that they were there. The last shoot I did here there were almost no clouds an the background was a haze/sea mist filled sky. I like this pic, but felt the clouds real made some thing of it, and I thought it would make for a good bw conversion so i just started playing around with some of the b/w presets in aperture3 until I found a really contrasty effect which almost silhouettes the family. I have another version of this which was taken in the vertical position you can see that one my clicking on the photo and going to my flickr photo stream.

Family Portrait Shoot on the Beach 1
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