Good Luck UCF Class of 2013!!!

UCF Knight

As I write this I am gearing up for Graduation Season.  As a photographer with GradImages I have been photographing college and high school graduations for the past 5 years.  My grad season starts Thursday at UCF with 5 Graduations in 3 days, totaling close to 7,000 graduates.  It takes a team of some of the best photographers to make this run smoothly and we have a great team.  By the time my grad season ends in June I will have photographed more than 25,000 college and high school graduates in both FL and NC including a full week of non-stop graduations in Jacksonville.  I also always look forward to some of the commencement speakers, and this year some that I will photograph include President Bill Clinton, and another Astronaut.  (In the past I have photographed Astronaut Nicole Stott, Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Shaquille O'Niell's Mom, and countless state politicians).

Good Luck to the UCF Class of 2013!   

Good Luck UCF Class of 2011!

UCF Knight by Emanon Photography

UCF Knight

, a photo by

Emanon Photography

on Flickr.

I'm photographing graduations at UCF this week. That means I'll be photographing around 6,000 graduates. Along with the rest of the team from GradImages we will probably take close to 26,000 photographs at UCF during 4 main ceremonies, and at least 1 smaller ceremony for students in 1 major.

Good Luck Class of 2011!

If you happen to be graduating from UCF, make sure to stop by the white tent outside the arena before you go inside to line up for your graduation ceremony.

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