Good Luck UCF Class of 2013!!!

UCF Knight

As I write this I am gearing up for Graduation Season.  As a photographer with GradImages I have been photographing college and high school graduations for the past 5 years.  My grad season starts Thursday at UCF with 5 Graduations in 3 days, totaling close to 7,000 graduates.  It takes a team of some of the best photographers to make this run smoothly and we have a great team.  By the time my grad season ends in June I will have photographed more than 25,000 college and high school graduates in both FL and NC including a full week of non-stop graduations in Jacksonville.  I also always look forward to some of the commencement speakers, and this year some that I will photograph include President Bill Clinton, and another Astronaut.  (In the past I have photographed Astronaut Nicole Stott, Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Shaquille O'Niell's Mom, and countless state politicians).

Good Luck to the UCF Class of 2013!   

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