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My mom has been asking me to shoot her portrait for a little while now, I tried an earlier portrait session with her but she did not like the results, and neither did I, so I didn't post any. But today, I went out to one of the local parks along the beach and made some portraits of my mom. I have been edinting and playing around with some different techniques and edit effects, I will post some more later on. But here is one of the shots from today that I like so far.

I think one of the problems I am having in making a portrait photo that my mom likes is that she essentially has not had a portrait made since she was in college. Even though her dad was also a photographer. So she tells me that when she sees photos of herself, it's not what she remembers or thinks she loos like, so she doesn't like the photos. So I'm trying to figure out some things I can do to shoot differently and edit differently to make a photo that she likes. My next plan is to do some one light studio portraits, high contrast, low-key type images.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?


-Peter Arnold

New Smyrna Beach Family Portrait Photographer


It's the little things, like 'Thank you' that make it worth it

Yesterday was a great day for Emanon Photography.  My business day started with a meeting with one of my brides and her mom for a wedding I will be shooting in two weeks.  We went over some of the details of the wedding and I had a chance to get to know them a little better as well.  They ended up buying me lunch and will probably be booking me soon for a Morning after the wedding family portrait session.

Later I met with another one of my brides whose wedding I will be photographing in mid November to go over some details with her.  I shot a family portrait session with her a few weeks ago and she surprised me with a thank you card and a gift certificate to a local restaurant to thank me for the photos.

Working as a photographer is quickly becoming the coolest job I could have ever imagined.  I can make my clients and their family members cry tears of joy with just a few clicks of my shutter.  It blows my mind, and I am grateful for all my clients and their support of this adventure I call Emanon Photography.

Thank you, to all my Past, Present, and Future Clients!!! -Pete

New Smyrna Beach Photographer

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