Behind the Scenes- The other stuff I photograph (Space Coast Marathon)

Just hanging out, shooting the Space Coast Marathon... They make everyone run in space suits!

This past Sunday morning I headed down to downtown Cocoa, FL to be part of the team of photographers from MarathonFoto photographing the Space Coast Marathon & Half-Marathon.  They had about 4000 registered runners but the number of actual runners that showed up was a little less than that.  It was a cold morning, as you can see in the photo, I even had to break out my winter hat, and gloves.  My day started with taking fun candid photos of the runners and their families before the start, then I was positioned right along the river as the runners entered Riverfront Park in Cocoa, FL to get to the finish-line.  It was fun, and I always like when I get a chance to photograph things other than weddings and family portraits.

Good Luck UCF Class of 2011!

UCF Knight by Emanon Photography

UCF Knight

, a photo by

Emanon Photography

on Flickr.

I'm photographing graduations at UCF this week. That means I'll be photographing around 6,000 graduates. Along with the rest of the team from GradImages we will probably take close to 26,000 photographs at UCF during 4 main ceremonies, and at least 1 smaller ceremony for students in 1 major.

Good Luck Class of 2011!

If you happen to be graduating from UCF, make sure to stop by the white tent outside the arena before you go inside to line up for your graduation ceremony.

Day89: The Important Details- Wedding Photography

Day89: The Important Details Originally uploaded by Emanon Photography

I missed yesterday for my 365Project, after shooting almost 2000 frames at a friends wedding this past weekend, I had to give my cameras a rest.

Today's shot comes along with a Wedding photography tip. I have read many books on wedding photography, and I have never seen anything like this. In today's market, many wedding photographers put together wedding albums, and the many ways to get book albums published, many photos are designing them. So here is my tip, at the wedding, grab a couple extra copies of the wedding program, ask the bride to send you a copy of the invitation, and grab a copy of anything else that the guests are given (If there are extra copies). Then you can take these back to your studio, or another area you can control the lighting and have some time to play around and get some creative shots of these. Remember, the bride usually spent a considerable bit of time and effort to plan out every detail here. You can then use these shots as either page background images, or as smaller detail images in the album. In this case, this is the invitation to the wedding I went to this past weekend. I could tell that someone spent a lot of time carefully hand painting and decorating these. While at the wedding the bride told me she painted them all by hand. So, I knew this will be an important detail to include in the album. I shot this with a Lensbabies2.0 special effects lens then tweaked it in Aperture3.


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