New Smyrna Beach Photographer- Russo Family Portraits

Every once in a while, I will seem to have a family portrait photo session that seems to never end... Every time I think we have made all the great photos we can with the same people, and the same small section of beach, one of the family members will think up one more combination that they want to have.  It doesn't help that there were also about 4 separate family groups as part of the larger family all vacationing in New Smyrna Beach for the summer.  But it was all fun, and I got some great shots, here are some of my favorites.

Beach Portrait Fun 3 Beach Portrait Fun 2

New Smyrna Beach Family Photographer: The Bozard Family Portrait Photo Session

Last week I photographed several family portraits along a couple different parts of New Smyrna Beach.  This location at Smyrna Dunes Park all the way at the North end of New Smyrna Beach, FL is adjacent to the Ponce DeLeon inlet and in several photos you can see the Ponce Inlet lighthouse in the background.  This is my favorite beach to photograph on because I have so many options for photographic backgrounds from the Ocean, Dunes, the rock jetty, and the light house.  Sunsets on the water of the inlet also work great.  Here are a few of my favorite images from the photo session.


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New Smyrna Beach Family Portrait Photographer: The Salsbery Family- Photo Shoot

Last Sunday morning I met the Salsbery family on the beach by their condo in New Smyrna Beach, FL to photograph their family.  They were in town on vacation and wanted the photos as a special gift for their mother/mother-in-law/grandmother.  Aside from the heat of the day, it was above 90 before 10am it was a great photo shoot.  Here are some of my favorite images from the photo session.

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Smyrna Dunes Park, New Smyrna Beach, FL Family Portrait Photographer: The Maxwell Family

Last Monday, I had a great family photo session with the Maxwell Family.  They were visiting New Smyrna Beach for vacation and had seen some of my photographs taken at Smyrna Dunes Park with  the Ponce DeLeon Lighthouse, and Ponce Inlet in the background, and they wanted to try to get some photos for their family.  I shot at a few location around the inlet to make sure to get shots with the Ocean, the Dunes, and the Inlet and Lighthouse in the background.  I also tried some special lighting techniques on some of the light house photos as the sun was starting to set, there was a lot of clouds blocking the sun, so it did not work out quite as I was thinking, but I do like the results that I got.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the family portrait session.

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New Smyrna Beach Family Photography- 4 Generations

Last wednesday I met up with the Wayman family to make their family portraits on the beach in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  There were 4 generations of women as part of this session.  It is always cool for me when I can photograph a family and see the likenesses between the generations.  These are some of my favorite photographs from the session. (Also, kinda a funny side note, this session was at North Beach Community Park in New Smyrna Beach, there was another photographer shooting a family session when I got there, and guess what, as I was finishing up, a 3rd photographer showed up with another family.  I guess my secret photo location has gotten out into the public.)

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Stay tuned, I've got atleast 2 more family sessions this week, and a wedding next week, so there are going to be some more awesome photos posted here soon.


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