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St. Simons Island Family Portraits

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel up the coast to photograph some family portraits in St. Simons Island, GA.  The weather was typical for the southeastern US, with scattered thunderstorms and rain peering the map all the way along the 2 and a half hour drive. When I got to St. Simons I checked the radar one last time and saw more storms moving in, but it looked like we might have a small window of an opportunity to make the shoot happen.  I met up with the family at their vacation home, and we made a game plan to head down to the beach close to their house, and shoot until the weather made us stop.  

New Smyrna Beach, FL- Family Portrait Photographer

I met the Burch family at the family's beachside condo where they were vacationing on the sands of New Smyrna Beach, FL.  I first met the Burchs a couple years ago when I first photographed them, but a few years had passed, and a few new little ones had been added to the family.  The family is always a fun group, and was evidenced with the jumping group photos.

New Smyrna Beach Photographer- Russo Family Portraits

Every once in a while, I will seem to have a family portrait photo session that seems to never end... Every time I think we have made all the great photos we can with the same people, and the same small section of beach, one of the family members will think up one more combination that they want to have.  It doesn't help that there were also about 4 separate family groups as part of the larger family all vacationing in New Smyrna Beach for the summer.  But it was all fun, and I got some great shots, here are some of my favorites.


Beach Portrait Fun 3 Beach Portrait Fun 2

New Smyrna Beach Family Portrait Photographer- The Smith Family at Smyrna Dunes Park

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to photograph the Smith family who were just finishing up their vacation in New Smyrna Beach, and were about to head home to Oklahoma.  They decided on the last day of their vacation that they wanted a family portrait ph the beach, and lucky for them, I was available.  I met them at Smyrna Dunes Park at the northern most tip of New Smyrna Beach, FL just before sunset, while a large thunderstorm was building just to the West.  I worked quickly to beat the storm, and I still made some great images.  With this shoot I pulled out some lighting tricks to enhance the sunset, which was a little muted by the thunderstorm.  Here are a couple of my favorite images.


New Smyrna Beach, FL Family Portrait Photographer- The Posey Family

I met the Posey family on the beach at the condo they were renting for their vacation week in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  It's always interesting when I meet a family at their condo for a family portrait session on the beach.  I will usually draw a crowd of spectators fairly quickly.  Luckily though that did not happen this time, I think it was in part due to their condo being on a less populated section of the beach.  Anyways, here are some of my favorite images.

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New Smyrna Beach Family Photographer: The Bozard Family Portrait Photo Session

Last week I photographed several family portraits along a couple different parts of New Smyrna Beach.  This location at Smyrna Dunes Park all the way at the North end of New Smyrna Beach, FL is adjacent to the Ponce DeLeon inlet and in several photos you can see the Ponce Inlet lighthouse in the background.  This is my favorite beach to photograph on because I have so many options for photographic backgrounds from the Ocean, Dunes, the rock jetty, and the light house.  Sunsets on the water of the inlet also work great.  Here are a few of my favorite images from the photo session.


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New Smyrna Beach Family Portrait Photographer: The Salsbery Family- Photo Shoot

Last Sunday morning I met the Salsbery family on the beach by their condo in New Smyrna Beach, FL to photograph their family.  They were in town on vacation and wanted the photos as a special gift for their mother/mother-in-law/grandmother.  Aside from the heat of the day, it was above 90 before 10am it was a great photo shoot.  Here are some of my favorite images from the photo session.

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My Mom: New Smyrna BEach Family Portrait Photographer Peter Arnold

My Mom Originally uploaded by Emanon Photography

My mom has been asking me to shoot her portrait for a little while now, I tried an earlier portrait session with her but she did not like the results, and neither did I, so I didn't post any. But today, I went out to one of the local parks along the beach and made some portraits of my mom. I have been edinting and playing around with some different techniques and edit effects, I will post some more later on. But here is one of the shots from today that I like so far.

I think one of the problems I am having in making a portrait photo that my mom likes is that she essentially has not had a portrait made since she was in college. Even though her dad was also a photographer. So she tells me that when she sees photos of herself, it's not what she remembers or thinks she loos like, so she doesn't like the photos. So I'm trying to figure out some things I can do to shoot differently and edit differently to make a photo that she likes. My next plan is to do some one light studio portraits, high contrast, low-key type images.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?


-Peter Arnold

New Smyrna Beach Family Portrait Photographer


Portraits in the Park- New Smyrna Beach, FL Family Portrait Photographer

UPDATED:  The Photograher's Favorites

These are some of my favorite images that I created from the family portrait photo session I had on Wednesday at Riverside Manatee Park in NEw Smyrna Beach, FL.  I just finished all the editing and even used some new effects on some of these images because the subjects just fit.

I really like the effect I used below.  It just draws you in to the eyes which are the sharpest focus point of the image.

Anyways, this was shot at Riverside Manatee Park in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Stephanie scheduled me to capture her family photographs as soon as she saw some other images I had captured of one of her co-worker's families.

This was a fun shoot, even though I was racing the setting sun. I have some great images, so stay tuned for an update coming soon with more images and a slide-show.


Peter Arnold Photography

New Smyrna Beach Family Portrait Photographer

Day34- I Speak Through My Camera

Day34- I Speak Through My Camera

Day33- I Speak Through My Camera Originally uploaded by Emanon Photography I've been strugling for almost 2 years now to get a full-time job, since finished grad school. There are some days I just want to scream, like today, when I found out that one of the jobs I interviewed for went to an internal candidate who doesn't have the education and experience that I have. I started out just taking some dark and gloomy self portraits, but then shot a few looking into a mirror. I realy like the way this one turned out. I don't really think of myself as artistic or anything, but I do express myself through my photography. My Photography is a release, and a stress releiver, and sometimes I fell it is my best communication.


New Smyrna Beach Photographer

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