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UPDATED:  The Photograher's Favorites

These are some of my favorite images that I created from the family portrait photo session I had on Wednesday at Riverside Manatee Park in NEw Smyrna Beach, FL.  I just finished all the editing and even used some new effects on some of these images because the subjects just fit.

I really like the effect I used below.  It just draws you in to the eyes which are the sharpest focus point of the image.

Anyways, this was shot at Riverside Manatee Park in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Stephanie scheduled me to capture her family photographs as soon as she saw some other images I had captured of one of her co-worker's families.

This was a fun shoot, even though I was racing the setting sun. I have some great images, so stay tuned for an update coming soon with more images and a slide-show.


Peter Arnold Photography

New Smyrna Beach Family Portrait Photographer

New Smyrna Beach Engagement Photographer: Ashlynd and Morgan

On Saturday I met with a really fun couple and their dog to shoot their engagement photos.  The photo session was scheduled to make the most of the time just before sunset, the "golden hour"as photographers call it.  The photo session was shot at Smyrna Dunes park on the North end of New Smyrna Beach, FL.  The photo session started with a walk along the boardwalk where I had a chance to get to know Ashlynd and Morgan as we walked and talked and I shot photos.  We made our way to the South jetty of Ponce Inlet on the beach which is where their wedding ceremony will be.  These shots are just a sample of the whole shoot but they are some of my favorite ones.

Their dog Timber was a great addition to the photo session.  He was really well trained and seemed to pose on command when needed.  He will also be the Ring-barer for the upcoming wedding.

We had some great light right before sunset.  We even ran into another photographer along the boardwalk who seemed to be shooting some senior portraits.

This is one of the shots where Timber seemed to pose right on command.

On of the shots I really like was this one which I just got just after I put my 50mm lens on my camera.  I really like the way this lens can really blur the background out completely so you focus only on the subject of the photo.

This photo session was a lot of fun.  Congratulations to Ashlynd and Morgan!

Thanks for letting me capture your love for each other.

-Peter Arnold Photography

New Smyrna Beach Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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