A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is thereby a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.
— Ansel Adams

Peter Arnold Photography is a full service photography studio that handles everything form making the photographs to creating Premium Quality Pieces of Photographic Wall-Art.  We work hard to provide our clients with great photographs.  We work to make meaningful photographs that combine elements of studio portrait photography with on-location environments such as the beach, parks, urban streets, even the workplace.  Our goal is to create images that you will want to display as quality pieces of art.  Peter Arnold Photography's Individual and Family Group Portrait Photography sessions are reasonably priced and have a set session fee.  Peter Arnold Photography offers final retouched photographs and photographic products to our clients through our online ordering galleries, or in person ordering sessions.  I offer Premium Photographic Wall-Art, Signature Photo Albums, and High Quality Photographic Prints.

Family Portrait Sessions start at $350+tax 

Senior Portrait Photo Sessions start at $250+tax

Individual Portrait/Headshot Photo Sessions start at $150+tax

For A Typical Photo Session:

  • During the shoot we will take as many photographs as time and our equipment allows, we have no set limits, but rather work until we have made great images for you.
  • We use a combination of natural light, reflected light, and flash photography to get the best quality photos.
  • During the photo session, we always welcome your input.  We will show you the images on our cameras’ viewing screens and will work with you if you have an idea for a specific composition.
  • Not all photos during the session are posed.  We will usually take several candid photos as we go through the session.
  • After the photo shoot, images fully processed and retouched.
  • Final images are uploaded to your personal online photo gallery for you to View, Order and Share.
  • You choose the Showcase Products and prints that you want from our online gallery, then we will review your order to ensure the best quality before they are printed by a professional photo lab.

Photo Session Recommendations:

  • Plan what to wear:  In our experience simple and coordinated outfits work best, examples of this are:  All family members wearing blue jeans and white shirts, or khaki pants or shorts with black or white shirts.
  • Where to have your session:  We can travel, so locations can vary depending on what type of photograph you are looking for.  For portraits at the beach, there are some locations along the beach that are better then other, and we will recommend a location when you book your session.
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