.What is the name and phone number of the photographer?

            Photographer Pete Arnold is the photographer for Peter Arnold Photography.  When you book Peter Arnold Photography for your wedding or portrait session, you are booking Photographer Pete Arnold (Me). You can contact Peter Arnold Photography by calling 386-232-8144 or emailing Pete directly

. How many years of experience do you have as a photographer?

            I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember.  I really got serious about photography as a hobby while in High School where I learned to develop my own film in the dark room. I sold my first photographic print while I was in High School and have steadily been increasing my skills, knowledge, and eye for photography.  I have been working as a professional photographer since 2008 when I founded Emanon Photography which is now Peter Arnold Photography.  I also work as a professional graduation photographer for GradImages, and photograph thousands of college and high school students graduating each year.  I also work for MarathonFoto where I photograph marathon and other endurance races.

. What percentage of your business is dedicated to weddings?

            I have steadily been working to move Peter Arnold Photography into a wedding photography focused company.  Currently more then 75% of my business is focused on Wedding Photography. 25% of my business is on-location family portrait photography.

. Are you the person who will photograph my wedding?

            Yes, I am the person who will show up at your wedding to be your photographer.  Photographer Pete Arnold is the photographer for Peter Arnold Photography.  When you book Peter Arnold Photography for your wedding or portrait session, you are booking Photographer Pete Arnold.

. Will you bring an assistant with you to my wedding?

            This depends entirely on the details of your wedding, and the location.  When you discus the details of your wedding with me, I will make a determination if bringing a second photographer or a lighting assistant will be beneficial.  I will let you know this before hand so you will never be surprised on your wedding day.  There are many other photographers that list using a second photographer as an added benefit, or use it as an up-sell and will tell you that you will get so many more photos from more angles.  The reality is that most weddings can be photographed fully by just one photographer.  I don't stand in one place, I move around to make sure I am always capturing photographs from as many angles as possible.  With that said, occationally there are logistical needs, or venue rules that limit movement or call for a second photographer, when that happens, I will be more than happy to talk about having a second photographer for your wedding. 

. How do you typically dress for weddings?

            I typically dress to blend in with the wedding guests, as a way to respect the occasion.  As part of the preparation that goes into each wedding I photograph I will ask what will the bride and groom be wearing.  I will dress appropriately for each occasion.  For formal weddings where the groom in a tuxedo, I will be dressed in a conservative business suit and tie.  For a more casual beach wedding where the groom might be wearing a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops, I would dress accordingly.  If you have any concerns, feel free to address them at any time before your wedding.

. What type of equipment do you use?

            I currently use all digital cameras and photographic equipment.  My style is directly associated with my choice of lenses, and cameras.  When you look at the pictures in my portfolio, you will see the type and quality of the prints that I will create with my equipment.

Specifically I use high quality Canon D-SLR cameras, lenses, and flashes.  My cameras can easily make image files that can produce poster size photographic prints up to 16”x24” in size and larger.

. Do you bring backup equipment with you to weddings?

            Yes, I bring back up equipment.  I also know how to use it and I am familiar with it.  During a typical wedding you will actually see me photographing with 2 cameras, each with different lenses. This not only provides a level of instant back-up by having a second camera and lens ready to go.  It gives me the opportunity to react quickly to changing situations to capture quick and candid moments, and memories that are preserved in my photographs.

. Do you visit the ceremony and reception sites prior to the wedding?

            When ever possible I will visit the locations prior to a wedding.  Though I do not require a visit prior to the wedding.  I have experienced and I bring equipment with me so I can set up and adjust to different environments while photographing a wedding.  For most large weddings, I do request that I can attend and photograph the rehearsal.  This not only lets me see the wedding venue, and get an understanding as to how my cameras are seeing light in the venue.  It also gets the bridal party and immediate families more comfortable with my presence as the official photographer.

. Do you have liability insurance?

            Yes I carry general business liability insurance with some specific provisions for wedding and portrait photography.  I can provide a certificate of insurance to any of my clients on request.   Also, many large wedding venues will require wedding photographers to have the venue listed as an ‘Also Insured’ party.  My current policy allows me to easily make this change if needed on the day of a wedding, so you do not need to worry about a venue not letting me photograph your wedding because of the venue’s policy on insurance.

. Can you take studio portraits?

            I do not operate a physical photography studio; my style of portrait photography is On-Location portraits.  Whether for an engagement photo session or a formal bridal portrait photograph, I work with my clients to select locations that fit their personality, style, and comfort level.

. Can you retouch negatives?

            As my client you will almost never see a photograph that is what is called a ‘Digital Negative.’ Because digital image processing plays a large part of how final images look, un-retouched images are not considered a final product.  After photographing your wedding or portrait session.  All photographs are reviewed, final images to be presented to you as the client are selected, then all images will receive basic color, and other digital retouching before they are presented to you as a final image proof or digital image file.  Some images will also receive extra digital processing where I as the photographic artist feel that a certain look to a photo may be created to enhance the image.  All formal portraits also get enhanced retouching which depending on the image may include skin smoothing, blemish removal, red-eye correction, or other portrait retouching techniques to make for the best quality image.

. What are the costs of your wedding packages?

            Upon request I can send a current pricing list and description of my basic wedding photography packages.  All of my packages can be customized to meet all the needs of my clients.  Remember though my prices can change over time and the final price for a wedding photography package is not finalized until I have a signed wedding photography contract and a wedding photography retainer paid to reserve my services.

. What is your payment policy?

            I require a wedding photography booking retainer, which is typically 50% of the balance along with the signed contract.  I require that full payment of the remaining balance be paid 30 days prior to the wedding.  Any last minute changes resulting in an additional charge must be paid before final image proofs can be delivered to my clients.

. What is your cancellation policy?

            If I cancel I will issue a full refund of all fees paid unless some portion of the wedding package has been delivered to my clients (for example if an engagement session is part of a wedding photography package, and final images are delivered to my client.  I will deduct the portion of the fees paid to cover the cost of the engagement session and refund the rest of the balance).  If my client cancels, I will follow the refund policy specific to each wedding photography contract.  Typically the booking fee or retainer is not refunded. 

. Do you use proofs?

            All final images are uploaded to an online digital photo gallery that you can view the images as well as order prints directly from.

. How many proofs will I get?

            This can vary greatly and is dependant on several factors including: Length of wedding, number of members of the bridal party, number of family and guests, length of the reception, and the attitude and general mood of the reception.  An average number of photographic proofs to expect are about 100 final images per hour of wedding photography coverage.  Therefore if we show up to start photographing you at 12:00 noon, and the reception ends at 9:00 with various wedding events throughout the entire time.  You could expect around 900 final images to be presented as proofs.

. When will I get my proofs?

            My current time schedule for processing wedding proofs is 2-3 Weeks.  I will usually have several images done prior and posted on my online blog as a sneak peak within the first week after the wedding.  I will email you a link to the online proof gallery as soon as all proofs are uploaded.

. When will I get my album?

            The albums that I create are typically take between 2-3 weeks after the images have been processed to be designed and approved by you, before they are sent to the pay that I use to print and assemble the albums which can take 2-3 weeks.  That means I can have your album in your hands just over 1 month after your wedding.  If there will be any delays in production I will let you know.

. What is the cost of an engagement portrait? Formal bridal portrait?

            My rate for either an Engagement session or a formal bridal portrait is the same.  Some brides choose both.  With my typical engagement session I photograph the bride and groom to be at a location of their choice.  This session can last 1-2 hours.  30-40 final images are typically created, along with a digital video slide show, which can be easily shared, online with friends and family.

            A bridal portrait session is again at a location that the bride-to-be chooses.  I take several different poses during the course of about an hour.  10-20 final images are created and fully retouched. The Bride can then choose 1 image to have enlarged up to 16”x24” and framed and the digital file of that image will also be delivered.  Additional images can be printed and ordered at an additional cost.

. What is the cost per additional hour of shooting at the wedding?

            When you book me for your wedding, I will suggest a photography package that meets your needs, including the length of time of your wedding photography coverage.  This means usually you will not need to worry about adding more time to your photography package on the day of your wedding, however, I understand that there can be surprises, and unforeseen circumstances, that require time added.  My rate for time added is Currently $300 per hour.  This covers the additional time not only photographing the wedding, but editing and processing the additional images that are created.  If time is to be added, it is added as a note on the contract and signed for by the bride.  There is a provision in the wedding photography contract that describes this process.

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